Save for Health Uganda

The graphical illustration developed by SHU is being used to raise awareness about the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The key principles in the illustration are:

(1) Equity in contributing and accessing services;
(2) A compulsory pool for the universal minimum package of services;
(3) A voluntary pool for supplementary services;
(4) Three sub-schemes through which people according to their social-economic categorization will pay for the compulsory package; and
(5) Purchaser- provider split with two funds managers: the NHIS to manage the NHI Fund for the compulsory minimum package, while the PCHIS and CHIS manage the PHI Funds for the voluntary supplementary package(s).

Strong institution

Since its establishment in 2002, SHU has grown from a small community based organization to a national non-government organization (NGO) mandated to operate country wide. We have well established governance and management structures and systems that operate under clearly documented policies.

Recognition as a leader in Community Health Financing

We are the leaders in promoting community health financing (CHF) in Uganda. The scale of our operations has expanded over the years to reach 15 districts. By the end of 2021, we had created 111 running CHF schemes covering 27,037 beneficiaries and network of 27 healthcare providers. We have cultivated a culture of saving for healthcare among the communities we work with. We are recognised as a voice advocating for health insurance for the informal sector.

CHF schemes networks

We supported the CHF schemes to federate into networks at regional level as a strategy to build their sustainability without external support. The schemes networks are directly responsible for contracting health care providers, purchasing care, issuing identification cards, and managing scheme funds. They are registered as community based organisations in their districts of operation and have governance structures composed of scheme members. The scheme networks are five: Munno Mu Bulwadde Union of Schemes Organisation (MBUSO) covering Luwero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola districts; Western Ankore Tweragurize Schemes Association (WATSA) operating in Bushenyi, Sheema and Mitooma districts; Munno mu Bulwadde Mubende schemes Cooperation Mechanism (MSCOM) in Mubende and Mityana districts; SHU-CHI for organised corporate groups in Masaka and Luwero; and Busoga Regional Associations of Tweidandhabe Schemes (BURATS) for Iganga, Bugweri and Mayuge. The networks increased healthcare benefits of scheme members due to risk pooling. They are able to pay healthcare bills of all their members in time.

Our partnerships

We have built strong partnerships at various levels which enable us to reach our target communities and serve them well. We belong to networks of civil society organisations at national level and in districts. We are members of the Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) and the Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group. SHU represents the Uganda Community Based Health Financing Association on the taskforce designing the National Health Insurance Scheme. We are working with numerous national level organisations in advocating for a fair NHIS. We have partnerships with microfinance institutions which support CHF scheme members to access low-cost financial services.