1. Save for Health Uganda (SHU)

SHU is a local non-government organisation registered in 2003 with a mission to improve the quality of health of Ugandans through community health financing approaches. It currently works in 10 districts where over 35,000 people have been organised into CHF schemes and linked to 18 health care facilities to access services without requiring cash at the point and time of utilization. This has improved their financial access to quality healthcare services. We believe that our work contributes towards achieving financial risk protection under Sustainable Development Goal number 3. SHU is also involved in advocacy for an all-inclusive national health insurance scheme for Uganda, and represents UCBHFA umbrella on the NHIS taskforce hosted in the Ministry of Health.

2. Uganda Community Health Financing Association (UCBHFA)

UCBHFA is a network of Community Based Health Financing (CBHF) initiatives in Uganda formed in 1998. The association coordinates and supports the establishment and management of CBHF schemes /initiatives in Uganda. The association currently coordinates 23 CBHF schemes located in 13 districts of central and western Uganda. In total, the 23 CBHF schemes are currently covering about 150,000 beneficiaries.