Munno mu Bulwadde Schemes’ Cooperation Mechanism (MSCOM) is a scheme that brings together community health financing (CHF) sub-schemes in the two districts of Mityana and Kassanda. MSCOM was formed in January 2016 by the ten Community Health Insurance sub-schemes that were formed by Save for Health Uganda.

The sub-schemes that formed MSCOM were; Namabaale Obulamu Bwe Bugagga Association, Lusaba Fenna Tubeere Balamu Association, Nabugondo Tukolere Wamu Association, Namiringa Obulamu Bwe Bugagga Association, Kamuli Agali Awamu Association, Kitongo Bunawona Association, Kizibaawo Asiika Obulamu Association, Lwantale Twegatte Association, Namiryango Agali Awamu Association and Binikira Tukolere Wamu Association.


Communities in Kassanda and Mityana districts accessing quality healthcare services.


To support, coordinate and strengthen the community health insurance (CHI) schemes in Mityana and Kassanda districts to continue operating sustainably while serving the target communities.

Legal Status

Munno Mu Bulwadde Schemes Cooperation Mechanism (MSCOM) is legally registered with both Mityana and Kassanda districts as a Community-Based Organization (CBO).

About this CHI Scheme

  1. To minimize schemes’ transaction costs by operating a scheme’s joint account for efficiency.
  2. To improve access to medical care of scheme beneficiaries through extending the pooling of the healthcare fund from individual sub-schemes healthcare fund to a joint healthcare fund.
  3. To improve management of individual sub-schemes through establishing technical committees to perform the more technical and cross-cutting activities on behalf of all individual sub-schemes.
  4. To harmonize and standardize the operations of all sub-schemes.
  5. To strategically tap into the available opportunities for sustainable growth of CHI schemes in Kassanda and Mityana districts.
  1. Save for Health Uganda – Donor/ Fundraiser and for technical capacity building
  2. Health care Providers (St. Francis Community HC IV (HOSFA), St. Gabriel Mirembe Maria HC III, Kitokolo HC II, Holy Family Naluggi HC II and Alebosum pharmacy).
  3. Butaba Company Limited – Micro-finance service provider
  4. District Authorities
  1. To strengthen MSCOM and make it functional with active structures and systems by December 2026.
  2. Improved access to quality healthcare services for families in the sub-counties of Kalangalo, Bukuya, Kassanda and Mityana Municipality located in located in Kassanda and Mityana districts respectively by December 2026.