Munno mu Bulwadde Schemes’ Cooperation Mechanism (MSCOM) is a local network formed by community health financing (CHF) schemes in the two sub-counties of Kassanda and Bukuya in Mubende District, and Mityana Town Council in Mityana District. The network brings together 12 CHF schemes formed with a purpose to improve community members’ access to quality healthcare services. Its office is located along Ssaza road in Mityana Town Council,  Mityana district.

The cooperation was registered with Mubende District Local Government on 9th may 2016. Its presence was also recognised by the NGO/CBO Forum of Mubende which endorsed its registration.


To support, coordinate and strengthen the community health insurance (CHI) schemes in Mubende district to continue operating sustainably while serving the target communities.


Communities in Mubende district accessing quality healthcare services


MSCOM was formed on 21st January 2016 in Kassanda sub-county by all the ten schemes from both Kassanda and Bukuya Sub counties. It was formed under the sustainability plan for CHI schemes which were created by Save for Health Uganda (SHU) with funding from Population Services International (PSI) through Program for Accessible communication and Education (PACE), which ended in September 2016. The cooperation was later formalized on the 27th of January 2016, by developing a constitution subscribed to by all the ten member associations that run the Munno mu Bulwadde (CHF) schemes.

Future plans

The current schemes must each continue to operate, the people covered by schemes should not fall below 3,500, the schemes must self manage themselves professionally and the premium charged and paid must be sufficient to meet all obligations.


MSCOM, with technical assistance from SHU, supports 12 CHI schemes covering 2,083 individuals for general healthcare to all enrolled members and basic obstetric care services to pregnant women. Each scheme operates at parish level and targets all community members as potential beneficiaries. Current member schemes of MSCOM are:

1) Namabaale Obulamu Bwe Bugagga Association.

2) Kitongo Bunawona Association

3) Namiringa Obulamu Bwe Bugaga Association

4) Kizibaawo Asiika Obulamu Association

5) Kamuli Agali Awamu Association

6) Namiryango Agali Awamu Association

7) Nabugondo Tukolere Wamu Association

8) Lwantale Twegatte Association

9) Lusaba FennaTubeere Balamu Association, And

10) Binikira Tukolere Wamu Association

11) Gambwa

12) Mityana Urban Scheme


1. To minimize schemes’ transaction costs by operating a schemes’ joint account by December 2018

2. To improve access to medical care of schemes’ beneficiaries through extending the pooling of the healthcare fund from individual schemes to all by December 2018.

3. To improve management of individual schemes through establishing technical committees to perform the more technical and cross-cutting activities on behalf of schemes by December 2018.

4. To harmonize and standardize the operations of all schemes by December 2018.

5. To support individual schemes in promoting the different modes of premium payment by December 2018.

6. To strategically tap into the available opportunities for sustainable growth of CHI schemes in Mubende district by December 2018.

Key Partners

1) Save for Health Uganda – promoter

2) Health care Providers: St. Francis Community Health Centre, St. Gabriel Mirembe Maria Health Centre, Bangi Maternity Home, Kitokolo Health Centre and Naluggi Health Centre.

3) Butaba Company limited - microfinance provider

4) Village Health Savings and Loan Associations(VHSLAs)

5) Local leaders (Village – District level)

6) Program for Accessible Heath, Communication and Education (PACE) – funder until October 2016