Scheme Name:

Central Region Urban Munno Mu Bulwadde Scheme-Luwero (CRUMBS-L)


A protected and empowered community in Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Masaka organized in self-reliant CHI scheme enjoying quality health care services.


To simplify access to quality health care services through SHU managed community health insurance.

Legal status:

The scheme is legally registered as a Community-Based Organization in Luwero district.

Area of operation target beneficiaries and current membership

The scheme currently operates in the districts of Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Masaka targeting formally and non-formally organized groups/ institutions/ organizations/ urban families.

The scheme currently has 454 ( 205 females and 249 males) beneficiaries from 154 families.

The scheme location

The scheme has its office Luwero district.

Kasoma Zone, Luwero West
Luwero Town Council
P.O.BOX 123 Luwero District

Contact person
Nansubuga Dorothy
Mob: 0772/ 0701-188544
Office: 0414610187
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Management of the scheme

Save for Health Uganda manages the scheme and therefore plays the following functions;

a) Carrying out health insurance education to prospective and enrolled members

b) Developing the health insurance products

c) Managing members, the medical insurance beneficiaries and their complaints

d) Contracting and purchasing health care services

e) Managing the scheme funds

On the other hand, the members/ groups have the following responsibilities

a) Mobilizing and sensitizing group members about health insurance and the CHI scheme

b) Registering members and collecting premiums

c) Giving feedback to the scheme management and ideas for managing the scheme

The process of enrolliment into the scheme

A group enrolls to become a scheme member by signing an MOU with the scheme and pays a membership fee of UGX 20,000. The group appoints a contact person who acts as the scheme coordinator and afterwards provides bio data of the beneficiaries to the scheme management by filling in an annual group/ family members’ details. The scheme issues a premium invoice/ bill to the group which is a total sum of individual group member premiums for one year. The group management pays the premiums as one lump sum or two installments for all its group members. The scheme registers the prospective beneficiaries by capturing their fingure prints. The group management makes a premium payment for each individual in the group. The scheme management issues the medical insurance cards and trains beneficiaries on their use. Group members (beneficiaries) with valid ID cards start accessing medical services from the contracted health care facilities.

Two months before the end of the group financial year, the scheme management issues a premiums bill for the following year.

The services offered by the scheme/ activities

1) Medical insurance with shared risk management

2) Health Insurance education to prospective and enrolled members

3) Advocacy for quality health care services

The Scheme Partners

Partner health care providers (Kiwoko Hospital, Bishop C.Asili Hospital, Fransiscan HC, St Matia Mulumba Mulajje HC, Our Lady of Lourdes HC, Kaludo Pharmacy and Kitovu Hospital)

Save for Health Uganda

District authorities

Our future plans

1. Reaching out to more groups in Luwero, Nakaseke, Nakasongola and Masaka for enrollment

2. Contracting more health care facilities in the target districts to serve the target communities.

3. Developing more demand driven products to respond to the community’s health care needs.