Ms. Juliet Nazibanja Kibirige

February 12, 2024    By shu_admin

Ms Juliet Nazibanja Kibirige is a development worker with qualifications in social work and project planning and management. She has taken the lead in developing and implementing CHI programs and supporting schemes to build capacity for sustainability.

Mr. Edward Sebbombo

February 12, 2024    By shu_admin

Mr. Edward Sebbombo holds qualifications in Democracy and Development Studies, and he is a member of the SHU Board of Trustees. He was involved in promoting CHI during the early years of SHU but later retired into private work.

Mr. Fredrick Makaire

February 12, 2024    By shu_admin

Mr. Fredrick Makaire is a Health Economist with over 17 years of experience in designing and implementing community health insurance programs in Uganda. He represents the Uganda Community-Based Health Financing Association on the National Health Insurance Taskforce, which is designing the National Health Insurance Scheme for Uganda.