SHU to hold Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme (CBHIS) Management Training

SHU to hold Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme (CBHIS) Management Training

Published By Save for Health Uganda |  December 9, 2021

Introduction: Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) in Uganda is not a common phenomenon though it has proved to be viable in protecting vulnerable families from catastrophic health care expenditures in areas where it has been implemented. Given its importance, there are some organizations that have found it very vital to promote the community health insurance (CHI) schemes with an interest of solving the problems of limited financial access to quality health care services. However, promoting, growing, managing and sustaining CBHI schemes has remained a big challenge to most organizations supporting this initiative.

Save for Health Uganda having implemented CBHI schemes for 20 years in over 12 districts of Uganda brings a solution by providing short courses on all areas of the CBHI intervention. Come and enrich yourself with knowledge and skills to promote, manage and sustain a viable CBHI scheme.

Aim of the training:
To equip participants with knowledge, skills and tools needed in successfully establishing, promoting, managing and sustaining a Community Based Health Insurance Scheme (CBHIS)

Who can attend:
Scheme managers, Heads of organizations promoting or planning to establish CBHI schemes, Heads of health care facilities providing health care services to CBHI scheme members, authorities responsible for supervising and regulating CBHI schemes, students who wish to pursue a carrier in health care financing, researchers and others.

Organization and method of training:
The training shall be scheduled in two sessions and each session will take four (4) days of face-to-face interactions at a venue in Kampala.

Benefits of the training:
By the end of the training, participants will have gained more knowledge and understanding of principles, types, formation, functioning and management of a CBHI scheme.


MODULE 1: Understanding CBHI and its types.

  1. Introduction (important definitions and key principles)
  2. Locating CBHI in the wider health (financing) system and the roles of stakeholders
  3. The types of health insurance and their role in community and national development
  4. CBHI in Uganda, types and how it differs from other health insurances
  5. How health care is currently financed in Uganda, the pros and cons, highlights of the proposed National Health Insurance Scheme and the regulatory framework for CBHI.
  6. Making a decision to start promoting and managing a type of CBHI scheme (steps and pre-conditions) – actuarial / feasibility study

MODULE 2: Formation and management of CBHI schemes

  1. Community mobilization, organization and marketing CBHI schemes and products
  2. Scheme revenues and premiums collection
  3. Pooling CBHI scheme revenue
  4. Medical claims management and the different ways of paying for health services
  5. Understanding the common health insurance risks, profiling, monitoring and managing them
  6. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting performance and impact

Each participant will pay UGX 560,000 for Ugandans and USD 160 for international participants for each module inclusive of meals.

For more information about the training, applying and submitting application forms, please contact Friday Moses on: +256775 557843 or +256706780316 and Email: or visit our website; .